Saturday, 7 March 2015

NARS Sheer Glow

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There's a lot of hype around the NARS Sheer Glow foundation, so I finally took the plunge to buy it not too long ago. Before I bought this I was a little worried about the luminous finish it had to it as I have oily/combination skin and I know that a lot of others think this and puts them off for buying/trying it but it's not at all luminous, all it does is gives the skin a healthier more glowing appearance and makes you look more radiant.

Since I've been using this I have noticed a massive difference between this and other foundations. The thing that makes this so special is that its super light on the skin but is buildable to suit what you like weather its light-medium coverage or full coverage it really can never look cakey. Its added bonus is that it has a complexion brightening formula that hydrates, smooths and makes the skin feel softer. It doesn't just stop when you take it off at night either, over time when used daily can improve your complexion to appear brighter and improve the texture of the skin.

Now I know it says its typically for normal to dry skin types but honestly it doesn't really matter, if you find your self looking a little too shiny throughout the day, its nothing like a little powder won't fix. The overall result is still the same no matter what skin type you have!
The only bad thing I can say about this product is that it doesn't come with a pump and is always sold out, but it just means sticking to pouring out the product which sucks but the foundation is worth it in the end. A word of warning, if you try and put a MAC studio fix fluid pump on it, it won't work because the top doesn't screw on and you just end up wasting product which isn't good!
Sheer glow is fast becoming my holy grail foundation that I'm picking up more and more often so I'd say its worth the purchase.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Lemon Cheesecake Recipe

cheesecake,lemon,baking,food,recipe,easy This easy lemon cheesecake recipe is so simple that it will knock your socks off at how good it tastes  and at how little time it takes to make!

To start with you are going to need:
200g Digestive Biscuits
60g Unsalted Butter
1 Lemon (zest & juice)
300g medium fat soft cheese ( I used Philadelphia) 
75g Caster Sugar
150ml Double Cream
Optional: (you can put what ever you want, but heres what I put on top of mine) 
50g White chocolate (chopped)
Zest of 1 more lemon 


Now the good thing about this cheesecake is that it only takes about half an hour to prepare but the downside is that it's a cheesecake, so we have to let it chill in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours.

Lets start...

  • So to begin with you want to put the digestive biscuits into a food bag with a seal and crush them up into crumbs with a rolling pin ( for best results, try and think of someone you really don't like and that will do the trick). 
  • Then get a small pan and put the butter into it and put over a low heat till all of it has melted then pour over the crushed biscuits in a bowl and mix together. Once all mixed together put into a springform cake tin and get a bottom of any glass you like and push the biscuit base down to flatten, put in the fridge for about 20 minutes to harden.
  • Wash your lemon! Then grate the zest into bowl, once done cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice out of both halves into the same bowl.
  • In another bowl place the soft cheese and sugar and mix together till combined, then whisk in the double cream, lemon zest and juice and whisk until its thick and creamy.
  • Grab your biscuit base out of the fridge and make sure it is well and truly chilled then go ahead and pour the cheesecake mixture on top, then spread it out evenly.
  • Then put the whole thing in fridge to chill for a couple of hours. 

  • Now this is optional but decoration is always pretty so about an 1 hour before you take it out, this is where you can really go to town. I chose more lemon zest and chopped white chocolate to go on top. 
  • Then once you've made it pretty put it back in the fridge for it all to set. 
  • When you feel its had long enough in the fridge take a glass and place the tin on top, releasing the spring on the side of the tin helps you to get a cleaner getaway from the cake then take it down and your left with a cheesecake!

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Deep Cleaning Brushes With Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

Cleaning your makeup brushes is something that all girls must do, even though it's not very pleasant and leaves you with not the best looking hands. But my secret to washing brushes well and speedy comes with just one product. Dr Bronner's Magic Soap can do so many things but I use it to deep clean makeup brushes. It works a treat, with all of its important oils in to keep your brushes in good condition and to help them last longer. It lathers up quite well depending on the brush and with a rinse of water the makeup build up has gone. This is definitely the best brush cleaner I have found and lasts for ages too! What more could you want?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Eyeliner Made Easy

If you struggle using a felt tip eyeliner or just haven't mastered the skill than look this way because I think I've found the answer to your problems. Here is loreal's Perfect Slim Super Liner, a liner that will help you to create a perfect look with just one swipe. This would be great for beginners as the pen does all the hard work for you!

This liner does what it says, as in it does help you to create that perfect cat eye in seconds. The formula isn't think and wet neither drying and flaky, it has just the right formula to make it easy to apply. Its pen like body gives you maximum control and means less mistakes. A thin nib also makes it easier to get into those tricky places like the inner corner.

I found that the wear throughout the day is great, stays in its place and doesn't transfer on to the lid, unfortunately it isn't waterproof, making it easy to take off at the end of the day but it means that if you have watery eyes, it will come off very easily. For a drugstore eyeliner though I think its amazing for the price!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked On The Run

Urban Decay released their 'Naked On The Run' palette early December last year. When I saw a picture of this before it hit the shelves I was so excited and amazed at the stunner they had created. This little box of treasures is perfect for almost any girl who does their makeup on the go or goes traveling because everything is in one place. It includes nearly everything you need on a day to day basis like eyeshadow, bronzer, blusher, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara. Also what urban decay have done is put never seen before shades in to make it all that little bit more irresistible. The colours are very natural to suit different skin types and is easy to wear everyday.

To start with eyeshadows, six new shades that are all different and are build able. (L-R)

5050 - (The colour you can hardly see in the swatch but anyway) This is a light peachy-beige shade with a pearly sheen to it. I found that this shade is very sheer hence why you can't see it in the picture but is nice for a natural brow bone highlight.

Dive - a sparkly medium rosy-coppery shade with a frosty finish.

Fix - a medium-dark warm toned brown thats a matte finish. I found that this shadow was quite powdery but with a little more effort can be blended.

Resist - a warm, golden taupe with a metallic sheen to it.

Dare - a muted, dark brown with subtle warm undertones and is a matte finish but feels satiny so easy to blend.

Stun - a rich, chocolate brown with warm undertones and a golden micro-glitter running through it. You have to be careful with this one as you do get a little fall out as it is glitter.

The lipgloss has to be one of my favourites out of the palette. Sesso is a beautiful warm-toned pink/plum shade that has a pearlescent finish to it. The formula was slightly sticky which is good because this means that it has longer lasting power. It feels really comfortable on the lips and ultra moisturising. This is also full-sized so you get more product which is a bonus!

Moving on to the bronzer, on me this medium yellowish matte tone is just about right, however on pale skin tones it might be a little orange and dark. I found that a little goes a long way with the bronzer and blush as they a super pigmented. The blush is a bright pink with strong, blue undertones and is a satin finish.

Next is this travel-size 24/7 glide on eyeliner in the colour Stag. This is a dark brown shade with subtle cooler undertones. The finish is satin so is very easy to apply and comfortable to wear and once put on stays for the rest of the day. These are very opaque with just one stroke and can built up for a strong look. 

Lastly is their perversion mascara, this is also travel-sized so is easy to carry around in your bag. In my opinion I prefer waterproof mascaras but for touching up on the go this one is perfect for giving your lashes a little help when needed.

Would you buy the Naked On The Run palette?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

All Time Favorite Nail Polishes

When I'm in a nail polish rut, I always find myself coming back to these six shades. I find that these colours suit me and look good on my nails. On the left are my two most loved, they are from Maybelline and are their super stay 7 day polishes. First up is Uptown Blue, a bright pastel blue that looks amazing with a tan. Next is Pink In The Park, a baby pink that transforms your nails to look more fresh. The formula of these is like no other, it is super opaque with just two coats and lives up to its name lasting sometimes more than seven days on the nails. It doesn't stop there the brush is wide and just fits the nail making a much easier application.

Moving onto Essie, these are just the best and you can't really go wrong with them. My favourite shades are Bikini So Teeny (a sparkling cornflower blue), Lilacism (a satiny smooth lilac), Mint Candy Apple (a pastel mint) lastly, Toggle To The Top (a burgundy with cranberry shimmer). Essie's brushes aren't as good as the maybelline ones but they are still good as in the brush is wide enough to distribute the right amount of varnish for the nail, formula wise it doesn't last as long as seven days but still lasts for 3-4 days before chipping.

All of these polishes I would highly recommend and I couldn't fault them even if I wanted to. The colours are just pure perfection. What are your favourite polishes?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Why You Need To Use A Toner!

I always thought that toner was a pointless step in skincare. I didn't really see what it could do for my skin that was amazingly different than the other steps.

However, since iv'e been using the Loréal Skin Perfection Velvety-Soft Toner iv'e noticed a big difference in the appearance and texture in my sin. Not only does it feel softer and look visibly clearer it has stopped my skin from freaking out so much with the seasonal change such as colder weather.
All in all I think that toner is something that can't be skipped for me and isn't so much of a pointless step after all.

Do you use a toner in your skincare routine?