Thursday, 17 April 2014


If I'm going for a bold lip or something matte, I dig around for these babies first. Usually my lips are in really bad condition so if I'm going to pull of a look whether it's a daring red lip and a sultry matte look I will hunt around for these Lush Lip Scrubs and give my lips a good exfoliating session before hand to make sure the lipstick doesn't stick to the uneven surface and flake away.

I have the flavours Bubblegum and Mint Julips. I prefer the Mint Jilips one as it tastes like mint chocolate (which is my favourite chocolate).

The idea of these little scrubs is amazing. The scrub doesn't harm your lips and once the sugar is all licked off, it leaves your lips feeling super soft and not cracked!

A must have if you love those bold colours!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Cleanser That Gets Rid Of Gunk

I bought this cleanser a while back now and have only recently reintroduced it back into my skincare routine. When I first started using this I noticed a difference in my skin straight away. It made my skin more firm and look a lot brighter. I love using this on days where my skin needs a little pick me up.

As well as making you look visibly better, it also completely gets rid of all the gunk that sits deep in theses pesky pores, and brings it all to the surface ready to be washed away.

The formula is white and when wet turns to a milk like consistency. I use this on damp skin and place a bit bigger pea sized dot on the palm of my hands (make sure hands are dry). Then I rub my hands together warming the cleanser then press it in to my face, till my face is covered. Then I rub slowly in circular motions. To finish I splash my face with warm water making sure I get rid of all the product.

Afterwards my skin feels refreshed and more radiant. It doesn't leave an oily film on my skin which I really like and is a dream to use. If you have sensitive skin this is a good cleanser as it is only lightly fragranced and won't bother the skin.

I have the combination to oily one but for those of you which have dry to normal skin they also sell one. Look here - Clarins Cleansing Milk

Saturday, 5 April 2014

March Favourites

This months favourites are a mixture. I've really stepped out of my comfort zone this month and I wanted to share what i've been loving. First up is Victoria's Secret Love Spell. This is a light fruity, floral scent that freshens you up without smelling too sweet and sickly. It has notes of cherry blossom and peach so a very summery scent.

Hand cream is an essential for me, but recently i've been getting cracked and very dry hands. When I came across The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector I was unsure because of the smell, which to me smells like mold however some days the smell doesn't bother me. Anyways this works wonders for my hands as it's constancy is thick and very hydrating.

Rimmel's Moisture Renew Oxford Street Fuchsia is the perfect bright pink. It has cool tones in so it doesn't make your teeth look yellow, which is a bonus. The formula of this lipstick is very moisturising and doesn't dry out on the lips. What I really like is that it doesn't flake, it fades after a while but still looks stunning on the lips. 

Moving on to eyes, I chose Rimmel's Scandeleyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Bronze. Can we just take a second… this is the first eyeliner that actually stays put and doesn't smudge. The colour is the best bit as it is very smokey and has just the right amount of glitter in. I have loved using this on my lower lash line then smoking it out to give a grungy effect. 

Finding a mascara for my eyelashes is hard, but Maybelline's the Colossal Volume Express Smokey eyes mascara just fits the bill. The brush is off-putting but after a bit of getting used to the formula is perfect. It doesn't clump and to my surprise looks really natural. 

I was always a little skeptical about blush for some reason but after trying out Topshop's cream blushers I just fell in love. Topshop's Cream Blush in Morning Dew is a bright natural pop of colour that makes you look healthy and glowing. I apply this with the real techniques expert face brush and stipple it on the tops of my cheeks to give a flush of colour.

Lastly, is Rimmel's Exaggerate Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob. When applied is matt but gives a velvet look to the lips. The colour is a dusky pink that looks very subtle if used to line the lips. I have been applying it all over the lips to create a velvet pink look that stands out. 

What are your march favourites?