Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Eyeliner Made Easy

If you struggle using a felt tip eyeliner or just haven't mastered the skill than look this way because I think I've found the answer to your problems. Here is loreal's Perfect Slim Super Liner, a liner that will help you to create a perfect look with just one swipe. This would be great for beginners as the pen does all the hard work for you!

This liner does what it says, as in it does help you to create that perfect cat eye in seconds. The formula isn't think and wet neither drying and flaky, it has just the right formula to make it easy to apply. Its pen like body gives you maximum control and means less mistakes. A thin nib also makes it easier to get into those tricky places like the inner corner.

I found that the wear throughout the day is great, stays in its place and doesn't transfer on to the lid, unfortunately it isn't waterproof, making it easy to take off at the end of the day but it means that if you have watery eyes, it will come off very easily. For a drugstore eyeliner though I think its amazing for the price!

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