Thursday, 31 July 2014

Origins GinZing Cleanser

The Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser has become my new favourite thing. With its 2 in 1 scrub cleanser it's a must have for when in a rush. The jojoba and carnauba wax gently exfoliates to help unclog those pores. Although it's still a scrub it's very gentle on the skin and doesn't leave it feeling raw and looking red. This would be a perfect scrub for those of you that have sensitive skin because it doesn't irritate the surface but does enough to get deep down into those pesky pores. After using this my skin instantly feels smoother, brighter and squeaky clean. I love to use this in the morning as the oils include grapefruit, lemon and spearmint; meaning that it perks you up for the day to come and makes you feel fresh. Using this in the morning also means that any makeup left on the skin comes out leaving clean skin to moisturise.

Have you tried any of the GinZing range yet?

Saturday, 26 July 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Now I know I don't have that many but you have to start somewhere right? I started collecting Mac lipsticks when I went to New York back in february. Since then I can honestly tell you I am absolutely obsessed with them. I only have 5 but I will hopefully collect more in the future. Let me tell you all about them.

First we have Hue, this is an all round perfect lipstick, it can be worn with a natural look or a more dramatic one. This is a nude but not one that matches the colour of your foundation and makes you look half dead this is more of a sheer colour that doesn't block out the natural colour of your lips but can be built up for an opaque look, it has subtle tones of pinks which makes it the 'your lips but better' shade. With it being a glaze finish it has a very nice gloss to it but nothing too over the top.

Next we have Chatterbox, this is a real pink shade. On me I find that it has warm tones but on some it can have cold tones. Anyway it has a real barbie feel to it without being a cold neon, think more natural barbie. As this is an amplified finish what you see is what you'll get, its very opaque with just one layer and lasts really well on the lips. I find that no mac lipsticks are drying on me but if you have dry prone lips than amplified probably isn't the best as sometimes the lipstick can sink into cracked or chapped lips. None the less I find it to be quite creamy.

Next is Plumful, this is a gorgeous shade and will look chic and classy on just about anyone. This lipstick goes on like butter with the lustre finish it is very creamy but not as glossy as you would expect. The shade is very warm with pink and lavender undertones in it which makes it a wearable plum colour. I find that this lipstick is suitable for the whole year round too which is a bonus.

On the slightly more vampy darker side is Rebel, this is probably one of the darkest lipsticks I own but I absolutely love it. As this is a satin finish it has similar effects to a matte finish but a lot more moisturising on the lips. I find that this stays on for a long time and when it does wear away it doesn't leave that dreaded line around your lips.  The shade is a dark plum colour that has no red tones in what so ever so it looks almost black in some lights.

Lastly is Vegas Volt, this is a new addition to my collection, and I have to say its probably one of my favourites. Again this is an amplified finish so it goes on very opaque. It's not drying and overall it's a beautiful shade, with warm tones it makes the coral/orange colour pop. If you're going for a golden goddess look this would be the perfect shade to pair it with.

I think that mac lipsticks are totally worth the money and come on they just smell so darn good!

What are your favourite mac lipsticks?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Fuchsia Lip

For a bold lip that isn't just a red I always look for those brighter pink shades.  I have found a few that are different in many ways, and all last exceptionally well on the lips. These three drugstore bargains are just what I was looking for.

To start off with is the Loréal Glam Matte gloss in Coral Denimista (middle). To me this is the perfect shade, it's a mix between fuchsia and coral giving just the right warmth. Now I was a bit confused how this gloss/matte hybrid would work but after trying it out I was amazed at the effect it gave. It goes on very smoothly without streaks and leaves your lips feeling velvety smooth while hydrating your lips with a thick gloss. Although this is technically a gloss, it isn't sticky one bit.

Very similar to the loréal glam matte is the Sleek matte lipstick in Heartbreaker (bottom). This is my favourite out of the three because it is truly matte but at the same time it's very creamy because of its vitamin e enriched formula, this means it isn't drying on the lips at all. The colour is bright and opaque with just one layer.

On the more colder shade side is the MaxFactor Colour Elixir stick in Vibrant Pink 15 (top). This has a water-based formula making it glossy but not sticky and also is light-weight on the lips. With this pen applicator you can build up intensity easily. The formula is waterproof and is a real pain to get off, which means lasting really well. It also means that the colour fades away gradually and you don't get those lines lining your lips when the colour in the middle has gone.

What is your go to bold lip colour?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Body Shop's Aloe Eye Cream

After recently using the Yesto cucumbers soothing face wipes to remove my eye makeup I realised that they had left the skin around my eyes red and irritated. Even when I touched the skin it was painful let alone having makeup around that area.

In search of an eye cream that wouldn't irritate it more, I looked into The Body Shop, knowing that they had an aloe vera range that didn't have any fragrances, colour or alcohol in, only organic and natural products. With that in mind I picked up the Aloe Eye Defence.

This was just what I needed, as the face wipes had made the skin very sensitive and rough, this did just the trick. As well as being soothing and moisturising it also said that it would reinforce the skin's natural shield. Within about four applications I noticed that the skin around my eyes were as good as new, there was no puffiness, redness or irritation and the pain was gone. I find that the best way to apply it for best results is to put a small dot on the fingertip for each eye than gently pat into the skin. Avoid dragging the skin as this isn't very gentle for the irritated surface and dragging also creates wrinkles faster. Do this every morning and evening for faster results.

This eye cream is also suitable for contact wearers.

Have you got sensitive skin around your eyes? Then try this! - Click here.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Baby Lips Electro

When I recently went into Superdrug I realised that the Baby Lips Electro range had finally come to England. I know long time coming! But unfortunately we haven't got all of the colours. Anyway I managed to quickly snap up these two as they tend to sell out fast. The ones I picked up were Pink Shock (L) and Strike a Rose (R). However they do sell two more shades 'Berry Bomb' which is purple and 'Oh Orange' which you can guess is orange.

They are sheer when first applied but can quickly be built up for a super pigmented look. Pink Shock (L) has a raspberry tint to it while Strike a Rose (R) has more of a barbie pink feel to it. As well as the colour these lip balms are super moisturising and are great for topping up or adding gloss to any lipstick or matte balm. I keep these in my handbag as they are a balm with a tint and are purse size friendly, perfect for on the go.

Have you seen the electro range yet? - click here