Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Cleanser That Gets Rid Of Gunk

I bought this cleanser a while back now and have only recently reintroduced it back into my skincare routine. When I first started using this I noticed a difference in my skin straight away. It made my skin more firm and look a lot brighter. I love using this on days where my skin needs a little pick me up.

As well as making you look visibly better, it also completely gets rid of all the gunk that sits deep in theses pesky pores, and brings it all to the surface ready to be washed away.

The formula is white and when wet turns to a milk like consistency. I use this on damp skin and place a bit bigger pea sized dot on the palm of my hands (make sure hands are dry). Then I rub my hands together warming the cleanser then press it in to my face, till my face is covered. Then I rub slowly in circular motions. To finish I splash my face with warm water making sure I get rid of all the product.

Afterwards my skin feels refreshed and more radiant. It doesn't leave an oily film on my skin which I really like and is a dream to use. If you have sensitive skin this is a good cleanser as it is only lightly fragranced and won't bother the skin.

I have the combination to oily one but for those of you which have dry to normal skin they also sell one. Look here - Clarins Cleansing Milk


  1. Love the look of this:)

    1. It's really good, well worth the price. Transforms your face completely!x