Friday, 28 March 2014

Healthy Hair

About two weeks ago I started changing up my hair routine for more shinier, healthier hair and chose these two products. Within the space of a week I noticed results straight away especially on the ends of my hair.

The first product I used was the Beauty Protector hair oil. This stuff is amazing! I was a little cautious of putting oil on my hair as it tends to go greasy quite quickly but this oil took me by surprise and nourished the hair feeling as though it were getting soaked into each and every hair strand not just sitting on top creating an oily residue. Not only does it work wonders but leaves your hair smelling good too. I use this on towel dried hair just before brushing through and blowdrying it. I have a sample size and I'm going through it fast so I think I'll defiantly be buying a full size.

The second product I picked up recently is The Body Shop Coconut Oil. When I spotted this in the body shop I picked it up straight away. Not only being fond of coconut smells but because coconut oil is meant to be really nourishing and good for the hair. I use this after straightening on the ends of my hair and this just ads extra shine and tames any unnecessary frizz. The formula of this is like a balm so you can never add too much which I really like.

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