Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bare Faced

Need a flawless base for summer? Loreal's light-weight foundation is just the thing you need. I think it gives my skin an airbrush finish which is unexpected of a light coverage foundation. But this really does give the skin a natural looking glow without looking dewy. At the same time it leaves a velvet feel to the skin which I really like.

The only problem with this foundation is that it doesn't come with a pump, it's a poor a bit on the back of your hand foundation. Some people might find this annoying but well worth it for the product thats inside.

Because the foundation is light-weight it can be build able, however how I like doing it is just giving the skin what it needs then covering any red patches I have with concealer. I prefer doing it this way because it means that I'm not drowning 'ok' skin in foundation and clogging it up.

Overall, I think that this foundation is well priced at only £9.99. If you haven't given this a go, I highly recommend it!

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