Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sad You're Gone

That time has come when you're holy grail product runs out. To me without this product I can't really get a brush through my hair when it's wet. To use I grab random sections of hair and spray Bed Head's Colour Goddess all over. Next I leave for about 30 seconds to make sure it all soaks into the hair, then I brush my hair with my tangle teezer just like normal.

This leave-in-conditioner allows me to brush my hair without the brush pulling and damaging my hair. Not only does it help with brushing it also conditions to the hair leaving it feeling soft and silky without weighing the hair down or turning it greasy. The best thing of all is defiantly the smell, this stuff smells of chocolate and stays on the hair all day!
Can't get your brush through your hair? I have just the product. Click Here.

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