Saturday, 17 May 2014

Perfect Matte Lip Ft. Bourjois

Ever since these came out I've been intrigued into why people loved liquid lipsticks so much; well now I understand. Bourjois bought out six different shades, two nudes, two reds and two fuchsias.

The first one I purchased was Frambourjoise 02. This is a lovely raspberry colour that transforms your whole makeup look without being a bold red or bright fuchsia.
Staying in the nude section we have Peach Club 04. A 'your lips but better' colour with a slight hint of orange making it the perfect everyday colour.

One of my favourites defiantly has to be Olé flamingo 05. A bright pink that just looks good with no eye makeup on to make your lips standout and be the main focus. If your scared of wearing bold colours and don't want to have the worry of is it on my teeth or smeared half way down my face then opt for this one.

Finally, Hot Pepper 03. This is a true red that transforms your makeup for a night out. Because its matte it means that these little guys are super long lasting and theres no need for you to touch it up. Seriously this stuff is hard to budge!

I think I might be addicted to these tubes of joy. Want to try them click here.

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