Saturday, 26 July 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Now I know I don't have that many but you have to start somewhere right? I started collecting Mac lipsticks when I went to New York back in february. Since then I can honestly tell you I am absolutely obsessed with them. I only have 5 but I will hopefully collect more in the future. Let me tell you all about them.

First we have Hue, this is an all round perfect lipstick, it can be worn with a natural look or a more dramatic one. This is a nude but not one that matches the colour of your foundation and makes you look half dead this is more of a sheer colour that doesn't block out the natural colour of your lips but can be built up for an opaque look, it has subtle tones of pinks which makes it the 'your lips but better' shade. With it being a glaze finish it has a very nice gloss to it but nothing too over the top.

Next we have Chatterbox, this is a real pink shade. On me I find that it has warm tones but on some it can have cold tones. Anyway it has a real barbie feel to it without being a cold neon, think more natural barbie. As this is an amplified finish what you see is what you'll get, its very opaque with just one layer and lasts really well on the lips. I find that no mac lipsticks are drying on me but if you have dry prone lips than amplified probably isn't the best as sometimes the lipstick can sink into cracked or chapped lips. None the less I find it to be quite creamy.

Next is Plumful, this is a gorgeous shade and will look chic and classy on just about anyone. This lipstick goes on like butter with the lustre finish it is very creamy but not as glossy as you would expect. The shade is very warm with pink and lavender undertones in it which makes it a wearable plum colour. I find that this lipstick is suitable for the whole year round too which is a bonus.

On the slightly more vampy darker side is Rebel, this is probably one of the darkest lipsticks I own but I absolutely love it. As this is a satin finish it has similar effects to a matte finish but a lot more moisturising on the lips. I find that this stays on for a long time and when it does wear away it doesn't leave that dreaded line around your lips.  The shade is a dark plum colour that has no red tones in what so ever so it looks almost black in some lights.

Lastly is Vegas Volt, this is a new addition to my collection, and I have to say its probably one of my favourites. Again this is an amplified finish so it goes on very opaque. It's not drying and overall it's a beautiful shade, with warm tones it makes the coral/orange colour pop. If you're going for a golden goddess look this would be the perfect shade to pair it with.

I think that mac lipsticks are totally worth the money and come on they just smell so darn good!

What are your favourite mac lipsticks?

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