Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Body Shop's Aloe Eye Cream

After recently using the Yesto cucumbers soothing face wipes to remove my eye makeup I realised that they had left the skin around my eyes red and irritated. Even when I touched the skin it was painful let alone having makeup around that area.

In search of an eye cream that wouldn't irritate it more, I looked into The Body Shop, knowing that they had an aloe vera range that didn't have any fragrances, colour or alcohol in, only organic and natural products. With that in mind I picked up the Aloe Eye Defence.

This was just what I needed, as the face wipes had made the skin very sensitive and rough, this did just the trick. As well as being soothing and moisturising it also said that it would reinforce the skin's natural shield. Within about four applications I noticed that the skin around my eyes were as good as new, there was no puffiness, redness or irritation and the pain was gone. I find that the best way to apply it for best results is to put a small dot on the fingertip for each eye than gently pat into the skin. Avoid dragging the skin as this isn't very gentle for the irritated surface and dragging also creates wrinkles faster. Do this every morning and evening for faster results.

This eye cream is also suitable for contact wearers.

Have you got sensitive skin around your eyes? Then try this! - Click here.

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