Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Baby Lips Electro

When I recently went into Superdrug I realised that the Baby Lips Electro range had finally come to England. I know long time coming! But unfortunately we haven't got all of the colours. Anyway I managed to quickly snap up these two as they tend to sell out fast. The ones I picked up were Pink Shock (L) and Strike a Rose (R). However they do sell two more shades 'Berry Bomb' which is purple and 'Oh Orange' which you can guess is orange.

They are sheer when first applied but can quickly be built up for a super pigmented look. Pink Shock (L) has a raspberry tint to it while Strike a Rose (R) has more of a barbie pink feel to it. As well as the colour these lip balms are super moisturising and are great for topping up or adding gloss to any lipstick or matte balm. I keep these in my handbag as they are a balm with a tint and are purse size friendly, perfect for on the go.

Have you seen the electro range yet? - click here

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