Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Clarins Fix' Make-Up

Now I am all for long-lasting make-up when it comes to a special occasion or a long day ahead and a setting spray is the way forward. Whilst wandering around the counters in boots I spotted this on the clarins stand. A refreshing mist that sets your make-up while prolonging its hold. It also provides an instant cooling effect once on the skin and makes you feel fresh and clean after a hot day. Not only does it refresh and hold it also moisturises and hydrates your skin without making your foundation look dewy which I know is what people don't like in these sorts of sprays and altogether puts them off form buying it.

The smell is the classic clarins smell but fresher, so it shouldn't irritate the skin with a strong fragrance as it very subtle. This product is a real luxury as the price suggests, but what your getting inside the bottle is worth every penny, and who doesn't like the chic, matte and slim look it has to offer.

Will I buy it again? I'd only buy it if I couldn't find anything else better, but if I were you I would go with MAC's Fix+ as its cheaper and probably works just as well.

Have you tried any make-up setting sprays?

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