Monday, 18 August 2014

Revlon Matte Balms : My Picks

The Revlon Matte Balms have been around for quite a while now and all of the shades look amazing but the ones that have caught my eye and are absolutely loving are Elusive(T) and Sultry(B). These crayon chubby sticks are perfect for on the go as they are easy to apply but have great colour payoff and are so creamy with shea, mango and coconut butter that they nourish you lips as well as being matte. So velvety that they glide on with no hassle, leaving you with a matte look. No sharpener needed here neither with retractable properties that make life easier when in a rush. It leaves your lips with a minty fragrance that feels cooling as soon as it is applied.

First is the shade Elusive(T), the perfect pink rose shade but without the barbie look it is slightly darker and that looks good on just about anyone. It's a mix between cool tone and warm tone so it doesn't wash you out like a standard cool tone pink would.

Next is the shade Sultry(B), this is my favourite out of the two. This is a beautiful rosy brown colour with hints of berry. It is a dark colour on me but really suits my skin tone and every other skin tone too. Its still suitable to wear for everyday and throughout the evening. Sultry is really pigmented with just one swipe it is opaque on the lips and stays on for quite a while.

The packaging isn't cheap looking, as the same finish as the lipstick the packaging has a smooth matte finish and looks impressive for a drugstore product. These retail for about £7.99, so an absolute steal.

Have you tried these chubby sticks by revlon?

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  1. I love elusive, it's the perfect daytime shade! xx